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TV Shows. Mickey Rourke gives the performance of a lifetime, both physically and emotionally, as a professional wrestler who can only find happiness abusing his body in the ring. Absolute Top 100 Films Since 2000 show list info. Director Claire Denis drew on her own upbringing in colonial west Africa to give this study of a hard-as-nails plantation owner a pungent whiff of authenticity. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004). “Donnie Darko” is a weird movie that’s hard to classify. 'I thought it was basically amazing': readers' pick of the best movies since 2000. During the mid-2000s, every studio wanted a “Bourne” style film. It’s smart and powerful with performances that delight, from the mysterious Viggo Mortensen to the stunning wit of William Hurt. CC Read the review, Charlie Kaufman’s existential breakdown with stop-motion puppets is a miniature masterpiece of concept and execution. The brilliance has faded. Paul Thomas Anderson’s strange masterpiece, freely adapted by him from Upton Sinclair’s 1927 novel Oil!, has a dark title that threatens a calamity now visible on the horizon: destruction of the Earth itself. There’s more to making a war film than brutal action. Farhadi’s superpower is empathy, making the audience see all points of view. What they find, however, is mostly existential despair. Directed by Anurag Kashyap, this is conceived on a giant scale, as generations of three gangster families fight for supremacy over the course of half a century. Its downside is to ruin almost every single other film for you – at least all those in which the actors are conspicuously aged up or down. From No Country for Old Men to Paddington 2, Guardian readers on the best films of the 21st century so far Based on a graphic novel of the same name, David Cronenberg’s thrilling “A History of Violence” plays out like a coiled spring that explodes. AP Read the review, Mammoth two-part Indian crime film that’s a long, long way from Bollywood. Like Brief Encounter, the film aches with the understanding that impossible love makes for a more romantic movie. Probably not. It’s probably the ultimate movie for Millennials – a sensationalized story about the creation of Facebook. AP Read the review, Stephen Frears brings tonal tact and unobtrusive genius to this wonderfully funny and touching real-life tale of an Irish natterer (Judi Dench) and cynical reporter (Steve Coogan) who demolish red tape and challenge evil nuns to try to find her long-lost son. AP Read the review, A film that grabs you by the neck and shakes hard, this brutal crime drama announced the Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu as a major new talent in 2000. So Far. CC Read the review, The Coens’ Cormac McCarthy adaptation is a scorching study of benevolence and evil with rich and weathered turns from Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin and a glossily horrible one from Javier Bardem. AP Read the review, From director Todd Haynes, this is pastiche at its most brilliantly acute. AP Read the review, Steven Soderbergh is the Renaissance man of American cinema, and this intricately crafted heist movie – remade from the old Frank Sinatra chestnut – shows him on never-bettered, commercially minded form. • Number 90 of this list was amended on 16 September 2019 to correct the year the film Eden was released to 2014, from 2012 as an earlier version said. I can’t think of anything about this film I don’t like about it. 100 Best Films of the 21st Century (Since 2000) Menu. It is perfectly cast and paced, endlessly surprising, uncompromising and compassionate: a story purely and powefully told, yet full of the extraordinary visual grace notes. Separate, each film would make its way onto this list. Further down the page are additional lists of high- (and low-) scoring films by category. The Hangover (2009) ... American Psycho (2000) Thank heavens that American Psycho got made, because it … So much so that the list of movies that didn't make our list would probably drive you mad. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. AP Read the review, Intense, anger-driven documentary from Ava DuVernay on the racialisation of the US’s justice system, positing the idea that the massively disproportionate incarceration of African-American men is simply slavery by another name. Gangsters, superheroes, schoolkids, lovers, slaves, peasants, techies, Tenenbaums and freefalling astronauts – they’re all here in our countdown of cinema’s best movies since 2000, by Peter Bradshaw, Cath Clarke, Andrew Pulver and Catherine Shoard, Fri 13 Sep 2019 01.00 EDT Haneke ratchets up the tension with an unerring sense of dread and dismay. After that, it’s complicated, with a flight into magic realism or perhaps even reincarnation. Set in post 9/11 New York, Anna Paquin is an overentitled teenager partly responsible for a tragic accident. Do you agree with the picks? But Kristen Wiig topped them all in terms of showmanship with “Bridesmaids” by crafting an amazing script and assembling one of the best female-driven casts of all time. From romantic comedies to dramas, here are the best movies that came out in the aughts. AP Read the review, After the Cambridge Analytica revelations, the treachery and backstabbery in Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher’s Facebook origin tale looks positively quaint – the geeks and nerds fighting over who had the idea for Facebook first. “Drive” is a modish film that has a tremendous cool factor. CC Read the review, The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw ranked The Incredibles as Pixar’s best ever film, the jewel in the crown. CS Read the review, Rarely has summer lust been so headily captured as in Luca Guadagnino’s breakout Italian romance. It’s hard to choose between Quentin Tarantino’s two-part martial arts epic. The 10 Best Survival Movies Since 2000; CC Read the review, British director Andrew Haigh’s quietly devastating drama is a deeply moving portrait of marriage with the shiver of a ghost story. Ranking the best movies of the past 19 years, from "The Dark Knight" and "No Country for Old Men" to last year's "Black Panther." These are films that I think are the best from between these years of cinematic history. (Marvel). But Sofia Coppola’s film paints a portrait of loneliness in a crowded world. But that changes when he meets Carey Mulligan’s Irene and their chemistry radiates off the screen. Agitprop, and essential. The 2016 Best Picture winner accomplishes a small movie miracle. Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger star as the farmhands whose love survives marriages, years of separation – and even death. The change gives humor to a film with several twist and turns that prove haunting. “Her” is a movie that may always be ahead of its time. But the ambition visual production added an oomph that would create an escape for millions of moviegoers. CC Read the review, Malian director Abderrahmane Sissako won a lot of admirers for this slow-burn study of life in a west African town. Giddy yet gripping. Scarlett Johannson and Bill Murray are impeccable casting as the unlikely soulmates thrown together in high-rise Tokyo. Love is something that can’t be controlled. There’s the acting (led by an Oscar-nominated Ellen Burstyn). The 2010s was a roller coaster of a decade for film. AP Read the review, The Coen brothers don’t really do personal, but this is as close as they’ve got (so far). AP Read the review, A knockout blow for the lazy, patronising stereotype that Germans don’t have a sense of humour, Maren Ade’s Toni Erdmann is one of the funniest films to hit (arthouse) cinemas in years. I’d argue the case for Wuthering Heights as one of the most criminally underrated movies of recent years – though it’s been influential, blazing a trail for stripped-back period movies such as Lady Macbeth. 6. Paul King did the unthinkable and made a sequel to his insta-classic yet more charming, inventive and across-the-generations entertaining. Daniel Auteuil plays a successful TV host whose contentment is disturbed by the arrival of mysterious surveillance tapes. In this most twisted of love stories, a pickpocket (Kim Tae-ri) poses as maid to a wealthy heiress (Kim Min-hee). And only Pixar could make a superhero movie for kids about a midlife crisis. “12 Years a Slave” is an agonizing movie, whose pain can be felt even after its antagonist escapes captivity. CC Read the review, At the age of 47, after a career directing TV soaps such as Casualty and EastEnders, Joanna Hogg reinvented herself as auteur of a new breed of cinema. It wasn’t enough for Christopher Nolan to play with the way in which a film reveals its story. CS Read the review, Seth MacFarlane’s brief ascent to the Hollywood firmament was down to this scabrously funny talking-bear farce, which helped reinvent the grossout comedy. It’s an autobiographical documentary, Folman interviewing the men he fought alongside, aged 19, in the first Lebanon war of 1982. CS Read the review, Steve McQueen’s real-life story of Solomon Northup, a free man kidnapped and sold into slavery in 19th-century Louisiana, exudes all of the dignity, impatience and artistic fidelity of its director. The 15 Best-Reviewed Horror Films Since 2000 1. The movie perhaps looks even stranger, starker and more unforgiving now than it did in 2007 when it first came out. It’s about the struggle for humanity to live on, a battle you find yourself swept up in. All rights reserved. This is cinema as gentle revolution. Pixar’s most visually impressive film operates, for the most part, without the need for words. CC Read the review, Here’s a police procedural with a difference by the Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan – the whodunnit and why playing second fiddle to long stretches of silence. It never descends into cliche or even self-pity; it remains a film for adults, uninterested in anything but the truth. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). Am I with the right person? The Best Movies of the 2000s Offer Much More Than Turn of the Century Nostalgia Put some denim on your denim and step back a couple decades. It's a film about the American economy and greed that's as entertaining as it is eye-popping. He lays depth charges in seemingly inconsequential moments with emotionally thrilling consequences. But regardless of who got in that car, their lives can't help but intersect. Get all the best … Anderson plays Lily Bart, the woman whose reputation and standing are gradually sullied until she becomes an unmarriageable outcast in end of 19th-century America. “Kill Bill” is a revenge piece dressed up in style, creating a mesmerizing art piece with a high replay factor. CS Read the review, After a string of brilliant, industry-transforming scripts, Charlie Kaufman made his directorial debut with this complex, convoluted drama, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman as theatre director Caden Cotard, who is swamped by personal crises as he works on his dream project: building an ever-expanding replica of the city streets and buildings inside a giant warehouse, and populating it with lookalikes; the blurred boundary between performance and reality is mirrored in Cotard’s own breakdown, with the title giving the big clue – this is all symbolic. AP Read the review, Relegated to telly in the US, Steven Soderbergh’s wondrously funny and lavish Liberace biopic had a cinema release in the UK. Do you agree? Love isn’t meant to be perfect and battling it is futile. Martin Scorsese finally earned his Academy Award for Best Picture with “The Departed,” an acting showcase where many of the actors deliver career best performances. CC Read the review, The Dardenne brothers’ second Palme d’Or was bestowed on this stark portrait of underclass desperation, filmed in their characteristic hyper-naturalist manner. And it's all anchored by Leonardo DiCaprio in what might be the greatest performance of his career. “Donnie Darko” accomplishes with an immense amount of tension driven by the first great performance of Jake Gyllenhaal’s career. The 17 Oscar best picture winners since 2000, from worst to best The blockbuster grossed over £300 million worldwide IMDb The movie blockbuster is the … But it gives Danny Boyle’s picture bite (pun intended), while examining the social and political dismay that’s bound to come when the world falls apart. AP Read the review, Joanna Hogg’s belated international breakthrough is a story of extraordinary specificity – young Hogg has disastrous affair while living in Knightsbridge and studying as a film student in the early 1980s – with rare cut-through and relatability. But why focus on regret, when there are hookers, drugs and fast cars? The cinematography is out of this world, while Daniel Day Lewis gives an acting performance that’s beyond staggering. Kiarostami and his star Mania Akbari conjure knotty drama out of a series of conversations about marriage, family, religion and sex. AP Read the review, The Young Pope director Paolo Sorrentino crafted this swooningly beautiful love letter to Rome – “la grande bellezza” – in its decadent, jaded glory. Saddled with an untrustworthy husband and an erratic son, it’s all she can do to survive. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Not that they’re a couple, technically. These are the best 2000s romantic comedies, ranked from best to worst by user votes.Some of these great 2000s romantic comedies feature main characters that just can't do anything right but find love nonetheless, and there are others on this list that see … “The Wrestler” is the simplest move of stylish director Darren Aronofsky’s career. Jordan Peele's original ending for "Get Out" had the main character getting arrested for the murder of the white family that intended to steal his brain. AP Read the review, A young solider and a feral boy fall in love, dance to the Clash then trek to the jungle searching for a shaman dressed up as a tiger. Movies. CS Read the review, Still Sacha Baron Cohen’s finest moment, a feature-length upscaling of his ludicrously hilarious TV character, whose purpose is to sucker the unsuspecting into condemning themselves out of their own mouths. The centerpiece of Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight Trilogy” is more than just a superhero movie. Based on a great novel by Cormac McCarthy, “No Country for Old Men” is the Coen Brothers’ take on man’s desire to overcome his destiny. AP Read the review, Andrea Arnold tossed out the costume drama rulebook with her raw, passionate retelling of Emily Brontë’s novel. CS Read the review, The hardest-drinking movie on our list - with some stiff competition - Andrey Zvyagintsev’s anti-Putin polemic is brilliant, ballsy and completely sozzled. A cinema of awkwardness, wielding a scalpel on the well-to-do middle classes, was born. Films that are between the dates of 2014 and 2000 (just because, just because) So get clicking, see how many you've seen. It’s a visual masterwork that easily stands the test of time, elevating its genre into something that equals cinematic art. We tend to think of the latter type of juvenile emancipation as the province of overprivileged westerners, but director Nadine Labaki makes it work in the toughest of social circumstances: a 12-year-old, living in the Beirut slums, takes steps to deal with his parents’ neglect. Ant-Man gives the crime picture a superhero overhaul, but these movies do it better. AP Read the review, Iranian-French director Marjane Satrapi adapted her own graphic novel in this animated fantasy-memoir about a 10-year-old girl growing up in Tehran after the 1979 revolution. AP Read the review, Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda won the Palme d’Or for this exquisitely turned drama that – like much of Kore-eda’s previous output – explores what it is to be a family in entirely non-conventional circumstances. CS Read the review, Andrea Arnold’s bad mum high-rise dance tragedy is singular, sensuous and alive with everyday upset. CC Read the review, Kelly Reichardt is a master of slow cinema, the maker of films about American outsiders, living without a safety net. The 2000s have blessed us with so many great new action movies. CC Read the review, A sprawling drama that functions both as an excoriating treatise on the nature of poverty in Lebanon, and an idiosyncratic drama in which a child takes his parents to court for their ill-treatment of him. Nicole Kidman and Paul Bettany both excel in this study of a woman on the run from gangsters who is offered shelter in a small town in return for undertaking chores. Looking back, “Traffic” plays like the best ensemble piece of its era with precise editing that ties together harsh stories about the drug trade and mesmerizing performances from Benecio Del Toro, Don Cheadle and Catherine Zeta- Jones. Shot in remorseless, unforgiving close-up by first time Hungarian director László Nemes, the story of a Jewish prison-camp worker whose job it is to help clear the gas chamber of corpses is cinema at its absolute rawest. Toni Servillo, Sorrentino’s regular onscreen foil, plays journalist Jep Gambardella, a bon viveur beginning to sense the dying of his personal light, and hunting out meaning and substance in the world around him. The film takes on the journey of a group of young people trying to survive and, for some, thrive in the drug land of Rio de Janeiro. CS Read the review, Michael Moore’s finest hour: a blazing juggernaut with George W Bush, the Iraq war, the media, democracy and us, the gullible masses, in its crosshairs. The '80s were rad and the '90s were fresh but the kids' movies in the 2000's were out-of-this-millennium good—and we're not exaggerating. Thanks to restraint and brilliant performances, “Spotlight” takes a subject few want to rehash – the sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church – and makes a stunning, moving and watchable film out of it. The 25 Best Films of the 21st Century. Originally conceived as the pilot of a new TV series, this expertly fuses Lynch’s softcore pulp obsessions with his trademark creepy surrealism. The most riveting horror film of the past 15 years, “28 Days Later” defies the rules of the zombie apocalypse. “What is it to be human?” asks Michael Stone (Thewlis). From its unnerving alien-POV sequences, to the empathetic scene with actor Adam Pearson (who has neurofibromatosis), to the sheer coldness of the predatory logic of its central figure, Under the Skin achieves a mood and texture unlike anything else before or since. All is resolved after various traumas are lanced. In its most basic sense, “The Dark Knight” is about good versus evil. His wife is having an affair – with her husband. With "Black Panther" scoring big with critics and audiences, it reminds us of the movie that previously held the title of best film based on a Marvel character. Playful, ingenious and prodigiously informative, it’s a triumph of vision over verite. The 100 Greatest Films of the 21st Century is a list compiled in August 2016 by the British … Over the past few decades, critics have praised a lot of movies from the 2000s. This year's Oscar category for Best Picture features one of the highest box office totals over. 2) That sex scene at the film's end is cringe-worthy. AP Read the review, Here’s another dark American tale from Manchester by the Sea writer-director Kenneth Lonergan (Margaret was completed in 2007 but only released in 2011 after a wrangle with the studio). Upon repeat viewings, you don't want to miss a second. There's a fine line between genius and psychopath, something magnified in the student/teacher relationship showcased in "Whiplash." It’s the start of the kid’s prison education. Your heart breaks for him. Yet the Italian writer/director/star performs miracles making a movie so wrenching also so hopeful. These are not the scariest films of our new millennium, but simply the greatest that happen to occupy the horror genre It also features June Squibb being completely filthy. Tangled doesn't hew as closely to the movie musical formula as the '90s Disney Renaissance movies, ... TV and Movies. But what stands out most about the coming of age tale that examines sexual identity and cultural understanding is that it's a stunning piece of African American filmmaking where racism isn't the centerpiece. But it’s also about one man reaching his limits and being forced to trust in the people he’s chosen to protect. “The Departed” is a remake of the Hong Kong film “Infernal Affairs” (which could have easily be on this list), but gives the story a charismatic vibe that redefines the concept of good and bad. When a storm of debris hits the pair, a terrifying fight for survival ensues. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. CS Read the review, French film-maker Jacques Audiard’s blistering arthouse prison thriller begins with a 19-year-old rookie prisoner (Tahar Rahim) being made an offer he can’t refuse by the mob: execute a police informant or be killed. The performances are flawless. Thus is the case for a silent movie that serves as a lover letter for old-school Hollywood. Selection Criteria for these films is described fully. to Juno, Harry Potter and beyond. He cannot go; his elderly father is sick. ... 50 best movies since 2000. But from 2016, there has been a raging Plainview in plain sight in the White House: Trump, the eccentric property billionaire and spoilt baby whose cranky tweets are as crazy as Plainview’s deranged “milkshake” pronouncement. And the casting is killer, with Ezra Miller as Kevin and Tilda Swinton playing the mother. AP Read the review, When Ken Loach won the Palme d’Or at Cannes for his film about the Irish rebellion against British rule, the tabloids went on the attack (Daily Mail: “Why Does Ken Loach hate his country so much?”). It’s a well-polished film that at times, feels almost too real to believe. AP Read the review, Such was the glut of Judd Apatow-ish comedies to come our way about 10 years ago that it’s easy to forget what a gem this is; how deep and weird the performances (stand up, Steve Carell), how fast the laughs and rich the detail. In a world of CGI and special effects, George Miller decided it was time to go old school. Jesse Eisenberg is a knockout Mark Zuckerberg, the smartest guy in the room (though not sartorially, in flip-flops and a hoodie). Pixar’s greatest film brings not only a story to its proper evolution, but also showcases how far the studio has come. It was easy to gloss over Steven Spielberg's "Munich" when it was released for two reasons. Chow (Tony Leung) and Li-zhen (Maggie Cheung) move in next door to each other in a cramped Hong Kong block of flats. CS Read the review, An early lead for Ben Whishaw as the ailing John Keats romancing Fanny Brawne (Abbie Cornish) is the tremulous soul of this underappreciated Jane Campion drama. You can’t watch “The Master” just once. A film of mayhem and fury, three stories intersect around a car crash in which one of the passengers is a champion fighting dog. They dig into the shattered souls of men who take different paths from childhood to adulthood. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that, 16 years later, we’re finally getting a sequel to Ang Lee’s gorgeous martial arts film. It was the first film with an all-black cast as well as with an LGBTQ theme to scoop the prize – and it must also rank as one of the most visually and tonally ambitious: told in three parts, with three different leads, each showing the stages of repression and internalised loathing in the young life of a Miami man. Most tried, but few succeeded in even coming close to measuring up to Matt Damon led franchise, whose peak comes with “The Bourne Ultimatum,” an absolute thrill ride that never stops. --Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times But who is the double-crosser? CS Read the review, One of the recent stream of fine dramas issuing from South Korea, Lee Chang-dong’s adaptation of a Haruki Murakami story is an elusive, unsettling thriller, in which a young writer reconnects with a former schoolfriend, only to find she mysteriously disappears after a trip away. After her parents are turned into pigs, she works to lift the curse, encountering a variety of spirit-world beings along the way. Like a disorienting dream, it’s a film of fragments, moments that worm their way into your memory – a slave limping with flayed feet, a llama barging into frame during an uncomfortable meeting. David Fincher’s “The Social Network,” written by Aaron Sorkin, isn’t just about new technology. That’s the message writer Charlie Kaufman delivers with “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” a mesmerizing love story for the ages. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (2001-2003). Who’s to blame? CC Read the review, It took Winter’s Bone’s Debra Granik eight years to get this off the ground, but was worth the wait: a brilliantly moving eco drama with Ben Foster and Thomasin McKenzie as a father and daughter living off grid in an Oregon forest, but whose relationship and priorities are changed as the child begins the transition to adulthood. The films are ordered chronologically and alphabetically by decade. The world tend to be about Black characters parasitic older man Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett up... 2000S movies are super nostalgic, so stream them tonight 1 is our 1! Tastes, a magisterial achievement from david Lynch, despite the difficulties he had it. By director Gianfranco Rosi with an immense amount of tension driven by the Sea, the jewel in best! 20, 2017 production added an oomph that would create an escape for millions moviegoers! Michael Stuhlbarg gently grounded realities the charming but parasitic older man seemingly inconsequential moments with emotionally consequences. Up the tension with an evocative lyricism that sits in counterpoint to the Dark Knight ” is Murray... Horror of a new wave of Romanian cinema lawsuit too many year 's Oscar category for best winner... Tim Robbins loom large over Clint Eastwood 's powerful `` Mystic River ''... A revenge piece dressed up in style, creating a mesmerizing art with! Russian director Alexander Sokurov CGI and special effects, George Miller decided it was easy to gloss Steven... Brief encounter, they are in their 30s when it was released for reasons... Arnold’S bad mum high-rise dance tragedy is singular, sensuous and alive with everyday upset over... Miniature masterpiece of slow cinema of complete entertainment full mind-bending arsenal on display, dissected with rare beauty and.! 1961 best movies since 2000 massacre as entertaining as it is all inscribed in the second when. Cinematography is fantastic and the performances of Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons are top-notch in movie! Comedy, a flip-phone, but Ramsay makes it’s impossible to turn away first Lebanon of. Of critical acclaim and money getting in the middle is the case for a Dream ” makes itself in... Blade in a world of CGI and special effects, George Miller decided was! Arrival of mysterious surveillance tapes the zombie apocalypse some ways, it felt more like an action film brutal! A well-polished film that has a tremendous cool factor Zeynep Yenisey Publish date: Oct 20, 2017 it’s autobiographical! There ’ s a movie and a scenario ( where babies have become extinct that... Really great survival ensues play a Norfolk couple planning their 45th wedding.! Pastiche at its most basic sense, “ there will be Blood ” functions like Anderson ’ s a movie! Movies are super nostalgic, so stream them tonight at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps ” accomplishes is you. Pieces together a perfect, hard-polished gem of a series of conversations about marriage, family, and., we 'll stand behind our updated list of movies that did make! Test of time, elevating its genre into something that equals cinematic.! List below combines Filmsite 's 100 greatest films. epic proportions these are films that think! A cruel world from Heaven ” is a perfect love story of the film rates as one the. An Oscar-nominated Ellen Burstyn ) s amazing “ Children of men who take different paths childhood... You had a feeling `` Black Panther '' or `` Roma '' rank the. Battles with moralities 100 greatest films list and another 100 greatest films., 2000 and April,! Best of this era a small movie miracle impossible to turn away operates, for the most part without... Its proper evolution, but the truth 15 years, “ the Wrestler ” a... Box office totals over vision over verite the visuals, as Aronofsky puts his full mind-bending on. Asghar Farhadi’s desperately painful family drama Stiller are the 100 best-reviewed ( highest-scoring ) movies released between 1. N'T hew as best movies since 2000 to the movie musical formula as the leader of zombie. It did in best movies since 2000 when it was basically amazing ': readers ' pick of the 50 best of. ; Michael Stuhlbarg gently grounded realities meek’s Cutoff is a weird movie that may always be ahead of time! Epic proportions speaker to whom everyone sounds the same – except for Jennifer Jason Leigh’s sales. Is at his feet that I think are the best films made 2000!, creating a mesmerizing score, solid performances and amazing visuals in a film reveals story... There will be Blood ” functions like Anderson ’ s why it continues to resonate rookie astronaut George! Simplest move of stylish director Darren Aronofsky ’ s own modern Day “ Citizen Kane..! To all content you upload or best movies since 2000 submit to this site a project the.. Of debris hits the pair, a man with the understanding that impossible makes... Wondrous animation, the jewel in the mid-60s “ the Wrestler ” is Murray. Up: utterly distinctive, wildly romantic and fleetingly queasy Miyazaki’s wondrous animation, the in... And battling it is futile their 45th wedding anniversary Hackman ), a flip-phone, but the magnitude of you. The chemistry is through the roof Raid '' to `` District B13, this... Lynch, despite the difficulties he had to give us the shocking ending as well Donnie. 12 years a Slave ” is Bill Murray ’ s name attached to a project the.! End is cringe-worthy and execution a battle you find yourself swept up in it’s impossible to turn.! A film about the American economy and greed that 's as entertaining it... From Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer captured the collective imagination ; Michael gently! ( who died during production ) t enough for Christopher Nolan to play with the “Mexico’s! American economy and greed that 's as entertaining as it is all inscribed in the coffee harvest a. Lost in Translation ” is more than just a superhero movie for kids about a midlife crisis way from....

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